The wild horse

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The images that we all see when imagining a wild horse are surely very similar. Some will have been lucky enough to have seen them personally, others have seen them in photos or movies. It is probably on a prairie, and it is a beautiful animal, spirited, running free, with its mane accompanying the rhythmic movement of its legs. These images may give us pleasure and fill us with admiration. It is what awakens a strength of freedom in all its possible aspects. Imagine what this feeling can do, this immense and determining attitude in our lives.

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It is perhaps an inconceivable love without freedom, it seems that in not having it, it loses its essence. Like a wild horse that lost its nature when it was domesticated, even if it were still a beautiful animal, it would no longer arouse the same admiration we felt when we saw it running free. Many couples have gone through a process of acclimation that closely resembles domestication. It does not matter as much how long they have been together, but rather, what things they have given up in order to preserve the love of their partner. Paradoxically, the effect achieved, as in our example, is the opposite. Are we to renounce our essence in order to maintain a relationship? A relationship that asks us to lose ourselves will never find happiness.

Money and fortune

He who does not risk does not win, as the saying goes. More cautious people point out that the one who risks a lot loses a lot. Each one must define what risks they can take, while still feeling comfortable with them. And that varies from one person to another, there are no external indicators, nor recipes for success. But like the horse in our example, everyone knows where and how they feel free and happy. And any forced condition will only lead us to make wrong decisions because they have not been made for us, nor are we comfortable with them. You will succeed if you decide freely and according to your own nature. Do not pretend to be another person or live other lives. Follow your destiny, honor your choices.


One of the most important things for our health is freedom or the desire to achieve it, the aspiration to be more free every day. And this resides in each of us, in that we can daily walk towards a horizon of trust in who we are and review how we feel doing what we do. Choices are difficult, many times we fear losing what we have achieved, without really thinking if that matters as much to us, or we keep it only out of habit or fear of change. And every road that takes us away from ourselves makes us sick. It distances us from who we are and little by little life loses its flavor and we are sinking into despair. Thousands of small choices every day can bring us back to ourselves. Let's not miss this opportunity to be happy!

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