The rainbow

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Many of us have become accustomed to looking at weather forecasts, on television and on the internet. We also to look at the sky and ask the people we meet on our walk, "Do you think it's going to rain?". Many times storms worry us, and it is a logical reaction. Some very strong storms have caused severe damage. In the midst of torrential rains we wait for it to stop, and when it finally does, if we find a rainbow in the sky that is still gray, our hearts fill with joy, flooding us with good omens. Have you experienced this?

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There are periods in which we are certainly not doing well with our partner, we do not harmonize, many of their behaviors annoy us, even if we are not clear on why. It seems that nothing that the other person does satisfies us, we feel annoyed even by their most banal comments. It seems that we have lost our patience and we enter a whirlwind of restlessness that we seem unable to calm. We also can not find a reason for the discomfort, we can not explain it. We think that all this emotional whirlwind could be a response to external causes. We must separate the other person from our distress, and concentrate on practices and thoughts that lead us to recover our serenity.


Our mind often chooses the wrong path, that is why we should never leave it to its own free will: it behaves like a capricious child, making harmful choices for our wellbeing and conscious evolution. The best thing we can do to benefit our spirit is to give it silence. Shut up our thoughts. Finding stillness will make our being calm down, and we will feel better. No special elements or difficult techniques are needed. Just find a quiet place in our house or outdoors. Turning off our mobile device is essential. Better yet, leave it in another place away from us. Listen to our paused breathing, just think about it, putting aside any thoughts that come to mind. It seems simple, but it is not. It takes a lot of practice, five minutes three times a day is an excellent start, and soon you will see that your internal storm subsides and you will begin to see the colors of the rainbow.

Family and friendship

At this moment there is darkness around you, but you can do a lot of things to get away from it. Everything is inside you, the time will come when you will be able to identify the origin of it, and what its intensity is, but today the most urgent thing to do is to work on your inner self in order to allow light to enter, and for the storm to calm down. The rainbow, imagined as joy, security, and above all peace, is a construction you should already be working on. Go ahead and ask for help from those who love you and do not understand what you are going through, they can guide you in this task. You do not have to explain anything, just tell them what you are going through, and ask that they collaborate with you in order to move to calm, and to free you from the obstacles of your mind. You will see that they will do it gladly, and this time in your year will not seem so difficult.

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