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Of all the psychic functions, forgetting has the worst fame. We never associate it with positive aspects, but with moments of nervousness like losing our house keys, not finding our cell phone when we need it, forgetting an appointment with the doctor that cost us so much to schedule, and let's not talk about its relationship with diseases such as Alzheimer's or mental deterioration. But we would be surprised to see the usefulness and importance that forgetting has in our daily life: in truth it is our friend, our accomplice and our protector.

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We are made of mud, of faults, and impurities; but also light and love. Everything coexists in us and defines us as magnificent beings, but the effort of meeting with one or the other sometimes triggers crisis and pain. That's when oblivion appears, to soften the past, to blur the present. So that the failures of our partner are not so important, so that our mistakes are lost in shadows, so that what yesterday hurt our sensitive skin, today feels distant. It helps us to continue and to smile. To excuse little things, and to ignore banalities that have attacked our egotistic self. And in this balance of forgetting and remembering, a wise balance between the two is what will define our history.

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It is hard for us to accept anything that impacts our relationships painfully, and when we react by clinging to it, we enslave ourselves. Fear makes us feel helpless, but nature watches over us. We are not alone. Open your hands and let go, extend your arms to lose yourself in hugs. A healthy being is one that forgets itself, but maintains its essence; He who forgets wrongs, and avoids the path of violence; He who forgets his mistakes, but not what he learned. Oblivion protects you and guides you on the path of growth, as you move forward, your forgetfulness will be diluted and the recovered memory will no longer hurt, it will integrate itself into you as a whole with the universe.


Doing serene and leisurely exercises, such as yoga or tai chi, connects us with our inner, active centers of pure vibes and leads us to recover an ideal mental state. Drink enough pure water every day, no less than two liters, since our body is made up of 60% water and we need to replace what was lost to maintain that percentage. Connecting with nature, accepting the sun into our body every day and walking barefoot on the lawn stimulates our brain to stay in ideal conditions. A healthy diet, with as much organic food as possible, not contaminated by chemicals, and enough hours of deep sleep, will keep us healthy and in ideal conditions to enjoy this transition through life.

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