Taking advantage of opportunities

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Life often shakes us, surprises us, hurts us, and brings painful events to our day. Unexpected or not, we remain trapped waiting, trying to understand, holding our breath so that the pain is less acute. Until finally, we are slowly able to start breathing, and crying, or able to connect with our suffering. And there begins the true path of becoming human. To decide what we will do, facing that bitter drink that is offered to us. It has happened to all of us, and it will happen again. That is why it is necessary to find out what we are made of. As the popular saying goes: "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

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Although at the moment it seems very difficult and your suffering is very intense, the bitterness of your love life is processed faster. While it is intense and really bitter, the intensity is directly related to the possibility of overcoming it. No healthy person wants to settle comfortably in suffering, no matter where it comes from. And love is one of those states in which life offers more do overs. Refocusing your energy, in search of new destinations, will allow you to be able to glimpse new and hopeful horizons. Remember that we reap what we sow, and if you find yourself harvesting only lemons, it must be time to rethink what you sow.

Money and fortune

Setbacks in this field usually affect us more than necessary. If so, it usually happens because our energies are placed excessively in one area, giving it priority over the others, instead of being distributed in a balanced manner. Later we will see that they are the comings and goings of life, that are looking for a balance. The universe always offers new opportunities, but you must be alert in order to discover them. Contrary to the saying: "the train passes twice", it happens many times and we can always be better prepared to get on it. Do not waste time by complaining or in self-pity, build more opportunities with what you've learned, make lemonade!


Serious health problems, either ours or from someone who is dear are very bitter lemons. But negative attitudes expressed in cries or complaints do not contribute to the welfare of the affected person. Instead we can collaborate and show great empathy in these instances. And accept the requests of the person who suffers, being available to them and their relatives, willing to help in whatever they need. Life will give you lemonade if you can discover real affection, willing to help the one who is suffering. On the flipside, troubles and health problems will grow through time, so it will be better to get used to the idea, and accept the passage of time gracefully. Turning small pains into gratitude for being able to feel and be alive.

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