The fight

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The struggle is that often inevitable moment in which we see our energies compromised in an opposing motion. Opposing another person or people, ideas, proposals, or situations. It never happens without our acceptance, voluntary or involuntary, of the confrontation that it brings us. How do we act in these situations? Are we comfortable or do we get nervous or uneasy? Much of the outcome of our struggles depend on how we face them, what kind of energy we put into play, and how we evaluate the situation and our opponent.

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Love always implies struggle. Situations arise with our partner in which we both face third parties, or adversity, or daily difficulties. Sometimes it also means disputes with family, friends, or colleagues. Staying united is the key, the union of two hearts can do more than all other forces, but no cracks or doubts should come between them. Differences weaken, and it is important to always present a combined front, united as one person, facing the world. If this is the case, success is almost guaranteed. If the struggle on the other hand is between the two people, even if it looks like a different situation, it is almost identical. You should not face the other person alone, start a dialogue with yourself, with your inner self, and from there, from your heart, you will find the strength to take you to the victory of loving understanding. Never fight alone.


Be careful these days with stress. By definition, being stressed means that our body has been readied for a fight, and this is a healthy and normal reaction. But when this reaction is repeated very often it has its price and we will pay it in the currency of our health, if this warning reaction is unnecessarily prolonged. The heart accelerates, hormones are released, and our heart rate increases. Our body has too much demand on it and subsequently is immunologically weakened . Be extra careful to adopt healthy habits, eat well without overeating, breathe properly and exercise daily. And above all avoid struggles that are not completely essential. Sometimes choosing which struggle fight, and which to let go, is the key.

Money and fortune

It is in this subject where the most intense struggles are often presented, and with the worst results. If life is complicated in this aspect, we must first correctly aim our struggle. Stop thinking before taking any action. Take the time needed to plan out our actions, and not run blindly to pursue objectives that we will later see were inadequate. Define how we are going to achieve the objective: look for a new job, study or train, increase our savings to get something we want, or many other possibilities that we must analyze correctly. Also think about if the desired objective justifies the amount of effort we are putting into it. It would be sad to see that in the end, those who we persecuted with so much effort were not worth the pain.

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