The parachute

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It makes you dizzy to look at the sky and see that small plane, out of which a black dot emerges in an instant. We know that he is a parachutist, a person who, with or without fear, makes a jump into the void. And we hold our breath, without taking our eyes off them, seeing the deep and sudden fall feeling impassive and worried. We look forward to the moment he deploys the immense fabric, which will cushion the fall, causing him to swing back and forth, almost like a child's game. How are we look like that risky parachutist?

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Money and fortune

We dream of jumping into that emptiness, living the adventure, feeling that rush of adrenaline, the emptiness in our stomach. Then fear and relief, which happens from one instant to the next when the parachute unfolds, saving us from death and rocking us in the blue sky. Risk everything and win. In the same way, quick gain attracts risk, the fear that implies the possibility of losing. But it has nothing to do with foolish risk, with fortune. Nobody is thrown without a parachute. And it is checked many times to make sure that the risk is minimal. If we are not experts in finance, we better get away from these crazy attempts, and stay on a reasonable course. With a parachute on.


I invite you to adjust your parachute and jump, if your purpose is to choose a life of love and healthy relationships. But if it's not, you're jumping into the void and taking risks that will only lead to hurting you. You should only take the time necessary to evaluate the bond, analyzing your feelings. In the same way that when jumping with a parachute we must take a course prior to jumping, review the equipment, and choose a reliable and trained pilot and airplane. We must take all the logical precautions so that the adventure does not end in tragedy, but ensures a good journey through the skies to all, enjoying the most exciting task: love and be loved.


In caring daily for our physical state, we are ensuring a parachute that will save us from sudden falls. The main enemy of our health is stress. Rest is essential to recover from daily stressors. A minimum of eight hours of sleep daily will repair our depleted cells, fight hypertension, and premature aging. In addition to ensuring that our psychic functions such as memory and judgment work better. Running unnecessary risks generates additional stress, from which we must recover by eating healthy and resting. Because otherwise, the immune system weakens and we run the risk of getting sick by being less efficient in fighting bacteria. Better to avoid risks, however it does not mean that we do not live the adventure of our life. Let's secure the parachute.

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