Embracing change

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Routine invades our lives like a silent evil that we are unable to notice until it's too late. And in that moment we ask ourselves, why we have so many behaviors that make us sick? Sometimes we realize that we repeat behaviors and relationships that no longer make us happy, but instead generate conflict and pain. And yet we resist change, as if something terrible or ominous could happen to us, leaving behind what is known. Has it happened to you?

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This seems like nonsense, but it is more common than you think. We trap ourselves in a cycle of repetitions, going round and round, going through the same things again and again, insisting on discomfort and suffering. Time and again we get excited thinking that something will change in this new opportunity, giving another possibility to the relationship. We want to believe that everything will be different, that we have learned, that the other person will not repeat things that hurt us, but the same thing happens again and we fall into a new and painful disappointment. If you are going through a process like this, it is not the time to think. Your mind and your heart have become addicted to this toxic situation, and if you want to get out of it, you should not think. You must act and do it now.

Family and friendship

Do not repeat things that hurt. This should be a universal law, but it would be the most ignored law in the universe. In our daily relationships, often we connect with people who for various reasons hurt us. Because they are disloyal, they betray our trust, they steal friendships or clients, they speak ill of us, they do not care about us as we do for them, and several other behaviors that do not correspond with what we expect. The change here is to take some distance. The optimal distance is as far as possible, so as not to be hurt. If we can avoid the relationship all the better, if not, we will see them as infrequently as possible. This is to change in a positive manner, to move away from what hurts us.


To embrace change is to embrace ourselves. Seek only that which makes us well and will not hurt us again or allow us to hurt ourselves. And if we apply this same concept to our line of sight and what we do with others, we will surely feel much better. We will have healthier and more complete lives, enjoying the ability to exist in harmony with what surrounds us. Make micro decisions that will accompany us every day such as drinking enough pure water, eating food that is not contaminated with chemicals, getting enough sleep, walking outdoors, and smiling even if we have no reason to. Embrace change, embrace life!

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