New day

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Each day is a new opportunity. The stars will give you the energy you need in order to open new roads and let yourself be guided by them, like a boat sailing downriver, letting itself be carried by the current.

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If you stop looking for situations or relationships that are ideal or that you have dreamt about, it will release energy into your life so that the bonds around you can flow. It is time to stop waiting for something that, deep down inside, we know will not happen. Trying to force situations can be stressful and counterproductive, as well as lead to feelings of constant failure. Learning to accept positive things that are surrounding us and that are within our reach, will allow us to move forward more lightly. The energy that we possess is not infinite, choosing where and on what we will use it is the key that will lead us to a full life.


Learning to take care of our bodies and minds is a long but fruitful path, on the horizon we will find many benefits to doing it. Paying attention to people who can offer us new ways of eating or new habits, that are healthier than what we are used to doing, will help us be open to a range of options for healthy alternatives. Empowering good things and transforming what no longer works well for us, will make us grow as a person, understanding that changes are always slow, but that standing firm will make us able to endure them. Dare to allow a fresh breath of air enter your life!

Your inner self

If we accept that life is constantly changing, we will be able to accept that we, as part of the environment that surrounds us, are constantly changing. Like a tree that changes its foliage throughout the seasons, we also change our skin, during every crucial moment of our lives. This can be confusing and even annoying, but accepting this change as growth will cause us to go through the process harmoniously. Openly new opportunities, and expecting those that are yet to come, will allow us to move in new directions. Let yourself be surprised and keep your restlessness and curiosity for what is to come, you will see that luck is on your side.

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