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We are accustomed to look at life through our phones, the computer, television, radio: artifacts that on the one hand keep us "connected with the world", but in turn disconnect us from ourselves. Take a break and check if you feel saturated with so much information, it's a good time to disconnect a bit from the outside world. Take a weekend to take care of yourself, listen to your body, attend to your needs. Dropping the phone and taking up a good book is a beautiful weekend plan. It may be productive to detoxify from reality. Take a trip to a park, take off your glasses and look at the brightness of the colors now, feel the wind on your face, watch the branches of the trees move, listen to the birds, you can even take off your shoes and feel the earth. Give yourself permission to expand your perception by listening and connecting with your consciousness. Those moments in nature revitalize us, bringing us a possibility of new understanding. Now, come back to reality and be aware of where you are today and where you are going.

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We have become people dependent on technology, everything we do is linked to a device: we work with devices, in our day to day we are using machines. At what point did technological development become a race to replace real experiences? There are families who dine together but they no longer talk, but watch television. Couples who go to dinner, but do not look each other in the eye, and instead are entertained by watching their phones. Don't you think it's time to give ourselves a break from all this? I suggest you start making daily breaks where you do not look at your phone, share a good book and read a couple of pages instead of checking your social networks. You will see how your anxiety decreases!

Family and friends

We spend so much time chatting with friends on our cellphones that we have replaced trips to the park, gatherings on Thursdays or group movie trips, for the convenience of being connected, but each person in their respective home. Offer your friends or family a change of habit, get together in places that do not have Wi-Fi, or for your next meeting take a shoe box and establish as a rule that whoever grande their phone pays for drinks. If you keep an eye on the time you spend using your devices, you'll know when to say enough.


Time for getaways to romantic places with that special person returns. Give yourself a weekend in places where you can enjoy nature, nothing like a beach or mountain to rekindle intimacy and quality moments. Enjoy small pleasures, a good chat, a good wine. Do it, you're on time!

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