Knowing how to trust

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Our daily life can be devastating if we do not learn to trust. It is the same as living with the feeling that at any moment something horrible could happen. That everything which makes us feel good, could fall apart. We feel it does not depend on us, and we feel there is nothing we can do to avoid it. Are we able to feel good this way? Probably not. So what are we to do? Although there are many situations that do not depend on us, we can act as if everything is going to happen as we want it to. It is the only way to continue calmly.

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Your inner self

We could relate the bitter experiences that have happened to us in our lives. But it's much better to leave them behind. Many times it is complex, and we think we have forgotten situations that are still very present in our lives. Whenever we start a project or meet new people, friends, colleagues, perhaps someone to walk with us in life an internal alarm sounds in our feelings, because it is unknowingly tied to our past. Tied to those moments that have made us suffer, and that we are afraid to repeat. Today we propose that you reprogram your memories. That you give more importance to happy experiences, than to bitter ones. You will see how it changes your way of facing the day for the better.


We can not love without trusting. Can they deceive us? Yes, of course. But loyalty, support for one another, affection, and trust also happen every moment. Why don't we try to enhance these happy moments, which life brings us at every moment? Surely when we notice them, a smile spreads on our face, and that is where we must remain, in the happy moments. Let that feeling fill our soul with well-being. Rub our hands together with it for warmth, place them on our chest and save them so they will accompany us. We must build up that warmth that will make us greet each day with a smile.

Money and fortune

Success attracts success. Trust is a motivator for new and positive experiences in our life. But never, in any way, must this confidence be blind. We must be observant of what is around us, and analyze all the data that reality shows us. This must always be done before making a choice. It is also good to consult with more experienced people. And if we objectively understand that the experience can be positive, we will take that resolve that will lead us to the desired changes in our lives: a better job, better income, smart spending. Trust yes, but never blindly. Remember it!

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