Hi aquarius!
20/01 – 18/02

Your horoscope for today,
October 16

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Time for movement

Maybe you are going through a stage in which there is all kinds of change and motion. However, it is likely that this motion comes without a clear plan and without a purpose. The freedom in and of itself is not worth much if there are no plans, discipline, and hard work.

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Are you carrying the full weight of the relationship at this time? It is you who is trying to resolve the conflicts, who compromises in an argument with your significant other, who sets aside the desire to please the other person. With a bent back, you are struggling to keep the relationship going, while the other person may not recognize what you are going through. This, of course, is a problem, because on top of the emotional blindness that your partner is going through, you will not be able to recognize the effort you are making to keep the relationship afloat. Remember, if this dynamic is tiring, it is time to make a change in order to get out of that place, which will not lead to a good resolution.


You have so much work that this situation is crushing you. Ask yourself if you are using your energy well, or if you are rebelling against responsibilities without doing anything constructive. The energy of criticism will not get you anywhere if it's just that: criticism. You may find yourself getting into fights and spats over conflicts. You are looking for nothing more than another fight, your eyes only see enemies where there could be allies or friends. It is in these moments when you should look for a different approach. See how much energy you spend on being alert 24 hours a day, how much it wears you down to stay ready for the fights and arguments that come up around you. You will waste time and energy keeping yourself rigid and tense.

Personal development

You are probably going through a time in which you are confused about life and its multiple responsibilities. You have become so complicated in different areas of your life that you can no longer differentiate what does you good from what makes you ill. Your life is plagued by complaints, nonconformity, and envy towards others. You had a lot of energy, ambition, but you have squandered it and now that same energy has been crushed by commitments and various problems. Man wants to be free to travel, move, meet people, however he does not realize that around him responsibilities have been compounding, whether finances, family, work, of which he has to take charge. The reality is that both worlds can unite: freedom and responsibility can be two sides of the same coin!

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