Hi aquarius!
20/01 – 18/02

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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Think about your next birthday, now try to remember the previous one, has your life changed a lot from one year to the next? If the answer is no, think about how many opportunities you have missed by not acting. You have many resources to be able to observe all the possibilities that arise, look carefully, you can keep looking at the glass half empty or you can see it as half full. The opportunities for change are there, be encouraged to add a touch of fun to your life. Do not let the routine overwhelm you, invent a new life, change your places and times, be aware of the here and now, and picture the things you no longer wish to have in your reality. Take advantage of that outburst of healthy madness and buy a ticket. Take a trip alone or as a couple, but dare to do it!

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Your inner self

Everything in your lifestyle screams: Change! Look at yourself, if you are in fully balanced and everything you like everything in your life, then ignore it, but if you do not then you can not silence that voice, pay attention to it. There is a bridge that you are not seeing, walk a little and you will see the bridge that crosses to the other side. Gray colors are part of the chromatic circle, but avoid them, use the most cheerful and scandalous colors you can find, become the party. Any situation is temporary, everything will pass, so if you are in a difficult situation, focus on living through this time with joy. Do not look for immediate satisfaction, follow your essence, this opportunity will make you aware and you will realize you already have attitudes that are irrelevant.

Personal development

Connect with your inner wisdom, but do not stay long in your shell. Changes are coming and it is important to give structure and responsibility to the changes that begin to materialize and transform you. Make some room, take into account that the past only serves as a reference, it is not a place for you to stay. There are changes, transfers, you go from one place to another, what you expected arrives and you can set your projects.


Get ready, because you're going to conquer a new heart. The difficult situations you went through in the past served to strengthen you. Let go of fear, love is a joy and a reality in your life. No one is going to tell you what you have to do, allow yourself to move forward, you have your own desire, your own goals and purposes and you will fulfill them. You have come out of a complicated choice, but now you are open to the world. You have a wonderful chance to meet a person who will change your emotional reality.

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