Hi aries!
21/03 – 19/04

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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The sun

In Greek mythology, the nymph Klytie fell madly in love with the Sun God, Helios and when it was not reciprocated she died of grief: she became a sunflower to follow the sun to wherever it went. Sunflowers are wonderful flowers that open up to receive the heat of the sun and when they do not feel heat, they face each other. Are you Helios or Klytie? No matter which side of the story you identify with, the important thing is what you will do from here on out. In both cases, you must focus on fulfilling your great challenge, the thing you truly desire. Remember that your greatest strength lies in your heart and your instinct is a compass that will take you everywhere you want to go, you just have to trust yourself. Have the courage to listen to yourself and go for it!

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Your inner self

Become the sun, do not look outside for what is not found on the inside: the greatest force that can exist resides in you. You have to trust yourself and be careful of the people who tell you that you are not capable of doing something or of getting what you set out to do. You will triumph in all areas of your life if you put the effort into it. It is not due to a stroke of luck but rather because of your preparation, due to making decisions and creating experiences for a long time: that is what will lead you to be at the right time and place for you to shine. You are the Sun, do not let anyone turn you off!

Inner development

You have the will to implement healthy changes in your routines. This is a good time to meditate, so that you may connect with your inner silence. We are often taught to believe that we are ordinary beings without any special talent, but in truth, we are all extraordinary beings and we are gifted with many talents, we just have to realize it!


Take advantage of this good moment to devote time to building your temple, great moments are coming for you that will require extra doses of energy. Try to combine a good rest with a balanced diet and cardiovascular activities, so you can be in tune with your circumstances. Do not use time as a pretext, get organized, plan a healthy routine that does not drown you. Find an open place, a park, join in yoga classes or go for a couple of laps at night. Your body will thank you a lot for whatever you do now!

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