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21/03 – 19/04

Your horoscope for today,
October 16

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Life is about a series of choices: huge, small, or daily. They are many kinds of choices. The way you live, the way you love, the way you work, where and with whom you spend your mornings and nights, even what you eat and where you live. It's all about choosing. Therefore, when you choose a path you must be sure of it, set your energies and your abilities to it. Today the stars invite you to make better choices and follow your heart.

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Perhaps you have seen a few romantic movies in which the main character must suddenly decide between one person and another in a matter of seconds. They know that the choice will change their life forever, so they must decide with their heart and not with their head. In real life things do not happen the way they do in movies. There are shades of grays, you go back and forth, and you have good days and bad days, there is indecision. What you should remember is that once you have made a choice, you must let go of the person with whom you no longer want to be, since it could be harmful for both of you to remain connected without going anywhere. It is better to let go in time to move forward, to meet new people, and live new emotional adventures.


How you manage your health is also a choice. You may be stuck in one excuse after another. We all get stuck in them from time to time: it's comfortable, it's easy. If we are facing a time of emotional instability, it is even more logical for us to get stuck in these dynamics. "I can't start losing weight because I can't organize my meals," or "I can't quit smoking now because I have a lot of stress," or "I can't go out because I don't have money." You may be making excuses for not putting forth your will to improve. Eating well, exercising, sleeping enough, nourishing and taking care of yourself are all personal choices, your own and no one else's. When you begin the process of self-care, you will notice that your self-esteem will also improve. You will notice the change in a very short time.

Personal development

We are not normally aware of the mental process that drive us to make a choice, but recent findings may help us gather some information. Before making any choice you must understand what that choice implies: its infinite set of consequences. Any path you take will put into motion a chain of events. We often take too much time to make a choice because we are afraid. It is always best to learn to trust your instinct. Your body and your mind already know what they want, and you will discover this through intuition. Within you there is a feeling of wanting to do something. Sometimes it's time to get carried away and believe in the signs that the universe gives you. On the other hand, try to reduce your list of possible options. It's like those endless menus: you don't know what to choose. It is better to have less options. The more options there are, the more they require our ability to process information, which may confuse us; In addition to wasting valuable time and increasing the chances of being wrong. It is better to clarify your goals first and eliminate choices that do not meet the minimum requirements you are looking for from the beginning. Keep to two or three different paths and make a list of pros and cons for each.

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