Hi cancer!
21/06 – 22/07

Your horoscope for today,
July 03

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Give away smiles

Smiles are a mystery of nature that will never cease to amaze us. We are sure that it provokes something within us: both the one that gives it and the one that sees it. It causes an instantaneous energy of happiness, and of good vibes. Smiles act magically on communication between people, so you don't need to skimp on smiling. Beyond a simple smile, it is proven that laughter relieves emotional tension and comforts the spirit.

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It is a very positive time for love. You feel connected with the person you started dating, or with your long-term partner. You feel it is a good time to move forward, to create plans together. It is an ideal time to take a trip, choosing the destination for both of you and making a list of things that you would both like to do. Remember that a consensus in the relationship is everything: do not try to impose yourself, nor let the other person do the same. Instead, sit together, spend time planning, understand that you will both have a good time just by traveling together and overcoming difficulties together.

Friendships and family

Ask yourself if you are affectionate with your family and friends. If you are not sure of the answer, we will give you some of the conclusions from a study conducted by the psychologist Leonard Horowitz. He claimed that our current actions which are aimed at personal relationships can be classified into two types: A for actions that bring us closer, and D for actions that distance us. Type A actions are those whose intention is to cooperate, to coincide, to provoke a more intimate approach, to share, to want. Type D are those that end in distances, disapproval, criticism, hostility. Some examples of type A actions that you can practice with your family and friends are as follows: invite them to get coffee, call them on the phone, walk them to their car or bus stop, give them a gift no matter how small, ask about loved ones, send an e- mail, do them a favor, express gratitude. Beware of type D, since they can take you away from people. Some examples of type D actions: reject invitations to events, do not attend group appointments, forget a birthday, do not react to a gift or show enthusiasm, do not return a message, ignore a problem, do not listen, do not call them or do not send messages.

Personal developments

Relax your muscles and smile at life. Smiling costs nothing and its therapeutic effect is infinite: it neutralizes sentences, prolongs life, relativizes failures, connects people beyond their religion, ethnicity, or nationality. Smiles go hand in hand with respect, and education. But what you have to learn to develop is an affectionate laughter: it is not just out of formality or because of being raised well, but the smile that is accompanied by gratitude, affection, love, friendship. The smile that you know causes a positive effect on other people: the one that helps to alleviate and motivates them to continue through a difficult day.

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