Hi cancer!
21/06 – 22/07

Your horoscope for today,
October 16

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Refreshing rain

Nothing grows without water, the fields dry up and vegetation withers when it is scarce. The crops fail and the grains that feed us are lost. We watch the sky and we look to the horizon in times of drought, analyzing the color and shape of the clouds to maintain the hope of their downpour. The more gray and threatening the sky is, the more excited we are for the refreshing rain and its drumming against the dry, burning earth. But we want it only when necessary, when its sound lulls us to sleep and its freshness delights our hearts.

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We need to nourish ourselves with affection as the soil needs the rain. Nothing grows in the wasteland, and if our hearts dry out, we will be condemned to arid loneliness. Sometimes we seek and demand so much that the affection overflows, floods, and subdues us. We lose our freedom and reason for being, giving our lives to a tyrannical person, which could be a love interest, but also an exaggeratedly demanding mother or child; or even a group of pretentious friends that exclusive in their need for attention. The quantity makes a substance a remedy, or a poison. The amount of rain transforms it into fertility for the field, or into a destructive flood. The scarce effect makes us helpless but the excessive enslaves us and makes us submit. You must choose the dose that will make you happy at each stage.

Money and fortune

It is a time of prosperity, of good omens about the future. But do not rush and attempt to see everything done from one day to the next. The seed takes time to germinate after the rain moistens the soil. The results will be seen soon, if your anxiety does not spoil the sowing. Learn to live the processes for what they are, a measure of time. Be generous with your earnings, we are in fertile times, do not neglect those who need you. Not everyone has the same luck in life and it is your responsibility to take care of the weakest. Share your gifts, return life's blessings.


Give your body and your spirit what they need, but always in the right dosage. Just as an excess of fun brings exhaustion, the lack of it will make you sad and disillusioned. An excess of exercise injures you, although we know that it is necessary to do it. An excess in food, both in quantity and quality, will take several days to correct, and you will feel the discomfort. Therefore, take care of your actions in regards to your health, but also in the right amount that you yourself will learn to regulate.

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