Hi cancer!
21/06 – 22/07

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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Grow your own garden today

You are at a time when you must return to your roots and do not forget to water the leaves that bring freshness to your life. It is possible that you may find yourself diverting your energy into the wrong garden. Basing your happiness on someone else’s garden can cause you to lose your balance. Try to keep your happiness, your joy, your peace, your concentration from depending on another person or problems that are foreign to you, because you are responsible for what you sow. Your garden can grow green despite the circumstances and can reinvent itself over and over again.

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It is important that you go back to loving yourself, because spending too much energy on another person is slowly withering your leaves. It withers even faster and more intensely when you place your happiness in your partner’s hands and your love is not reciprocated. If your partner can not nurture a loving bond with you, then it is time to ask yourself if you are taking enough care of the bond you have with yourself. If your affection is reciprocated, water your garden every day and the other garden will bring its own fruits. If you are looking for a partner, you will have to change your surroundings, expand your circle of friends, and grow your world before offering your most beautiful flowers to another person.

Your inner self

You must get yourself centered. Before leaving home, ask yourself what you will do for yourself today, for your projects, your dreams, and your desires. Also ask yourself how you are doing on the earthly, spiritual, and emotional planes. Remembering that feeling that at some point made you follow your own project can be a guide to where you are going and why you are moving. Do not let external energies, comments, or doubts interfere with the realization of your dreams. Not even the anguish and feelings of the moment. Listen closely to the sap that flows within you because it will give you the answers you are looking for and it will bring you back into balance.

Personal development

Start by daring to try the unknown. Meet new friends, try a new discipline, venture into a new place. Everything that nourishes your soul will enrich you and add knowledge, ideas, and new connections to your own world. Every new thing you learn and experience will be a great contribution to what you are wanting to build. Trust the energies that come together when you are in motion. Maybe you can not see it now, but at the right time you will realize that things go back to making sense and all the lessons that at some point you thought useless, will suddenly come together to make you understand that they had a reason for being.

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