Hi capricorn!
22/12 – 19/01

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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Happiness in the small things

How many minutes of your day have you been happy? Have you ever thought about it? Happiness comes into our lives as something on the horizon, an unattainable desire. We usually move forward hoping to be a little closer each day, but this distance seems to be always the same. Are we confusing happiness with something else?

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Your inner self

It's time to fix your attention on the small situations that make your day worthwhile. We tend to walk hastily through life, pursuing a firm and concrete goal, without paying attention to the rest of the universe that surrounds us. It is time for you to open your field of vision and let in the love that surrounds you. You will find it in small gestures and situations, it is there by your side, you just have to turn your head slightly. A smile from a stranger on public transportation, a friendly greeting from your neighbor, the scene of a child expressing his desires to his mother. That tree that you cross in your path and that has started to bloom, the song of the birds when you wake up, or the sun that lands on your face while you walk home. Happiness is inside you, it is small and beautiful, you just have to give it space, allow it to expand and grow. Happiness is daily, dare to live it.

Money and fortune

The well-being and tranquility that you are looking for is about to come. It is necessary that you rethink your goals and meditate on the necessities in your life. We tend to get confused and believe that we need objects, clothes and various consumptions that take up time in our lives, and then leave us with a feeling of deep emptiness. The time to change our proposed goals is coming, you will discover that fortunate is not who has the most but who needs the least, and you will manage to traverse your economic transactions with greater freedom.


Detach yourself from obsolete beliefs that no longer go hand in hand with your life, doing so can bring tranquility and health to your days. Rethinking your goals and being honest with yourself about what is really important to you, will make your hours go by calmly, like a river that finds the path it flows to. The aromas will be your allies these days, lean on them to find calm and concentration. Infusions of aromatic herbs, incense, perfumed flowers, the aroma of your favorite food or that person that you like so much can become a pleasant refuge, decreasing the tension accumulated in your body.

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