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22/12 – 19/01

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October 16

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Old photographs

When we see ourselves in photos from a few years past, sometimes we do not recognize ourselves. Perhaps because we were children, or much younger than now, our appearance may have changed, or our environment is different. It brings back memories and nostalgia. We smile with a certain tenderness for that person that we were. And maybe, for a moment we have recovered it ... What would you want to recover from the person you were, the one you see in that photo and who has moved you?

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Sometimes we feel that the time we had experienced was better, but what do we really miss? Perhaps we felt more loved, or maybe not, but as we spend time in the present looking back, we remember with nostalgia some feeling that we now value and maybe we did not see it before. Something we lost and can not recover. Or it is possible that it was the other way around, we feel that now we are doing very well and in that moment not so much, because we have finally found the love that we dreamed about. But you will notice that there is always a certain melancholy with the past, and it is possible that the message sent to us by those photos from the past is that we should not forget that younger person who still lives within us. That one that had dreams and hopes, that believed in ideals and values, that had hope in a better world and a better time. If you recover it, you should hug it and tell it you still believe, your smile will sprout on your lips when you contemplate, that time long ago, in those photographs.


Was something you saw in yourself better in that time you are contemplating? Well, recover it then, there are no excuses to not be in good shape, no matter your age. There will always be behaviors that you can change to be better, for example a sedentary lifestyle. It is the evil of our time. Cell phones, screens, computers, television, have anchored us to chairs and couches that slowly and imperceptibly affect our bone and muscle structure. So get to work on it to see yourself doing as well as you used to be. And if it is the other way around, that you feel that you have improved through time, congratulations and well done! But do not fall asleep on your laurels and continue down that path of self-improvement.

Personal development

Never judge your past. You must analyze it, you must understand it, you must look at it with a deep love as you would look at a child who takes his first steps, clumsily, but with enthusiasm. Today you are wiser than yesterday, and what you have learned you have done so thanks to the mistakes you have made. And thanks to the people who gave you support when you needed it. No child learns to walk if an adult does not extend his arms offering them security, and encouraging them to throw themselves into the future. Do not miss what happened either. Your time is complete and there is always something new waiting for you to discover it, something that will amaze you and give you joy. Life is there for you to enjoy!

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