Hi gemini!
21/05 – 20/06

Your horoscope for today,
July 03

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You have felt the desire to move when listening to a catchy rhythm, right? Or better yet: you love dancing! It does not matter in which of the two situations you recognize yourself, if you have done this, if you have had the pleasure of dancing, then you recognize the joy that this union of music and movement creates in body and spirit. The enjoyment of moving at our own pace, which brings out smiles in those who are dancing. That's what the stars tell us today, to dance to life.

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The dance is smiles and hugs, rhythm and cadence, a whisper and also a shout. As varied as life. Lonely, as a couple, or in a group, the way we do it is almost irrelevant. If it matters, and a lot, the torrent of positive energy that spreads around, is felt inside, and spreads to those who are there with us. We dance at the most important rituals of our life: baptisms, weddings, parties. Feelings are exposed. Shyness, enjoyment, the looks, the rhythm of the heart fuses with the melodies and is almost a ritual of enjoyment and celebration. We speak of it in Love, listening to the rhythm of the heart, releasing emotions, finding one's own look or that of the other person, and moving with joy. It's a good time to put it into practice.


There is nothing like movement and joy to optimize health. Take a few minutes a day to play your favorite music, or even better, leave it at random. Let the music find you and surprise you. Improvise, listen to those rhythms that are not common to your ear, create new experiences. Do not ignore it, do not despise it. It comes to bring you a pleasant moment of relaxation and smiles to your life. Try it, you will feel better. By activating your cardiovascular system, you produce endorphins, which is a hormone that produces positive moods. It is all gain for your health. It does not require expenses, special equipment, or moving to places far from your own home. Stand up and have fun.

Personal development

There are so many things in life that are given to us: the place where we were born, our family, our appearance. But there are so many things that depend solely on us that it is almost impossible not to get dizzy with the immense sense of freedom that destiny gives us. The stars influence a lot, but not the way we usually think. Far from limiting us, they offer us a range of possibilities. They do not condition us, they drive us. They open a future to us, they tell us, "wake up and go for your grand destiny!" There are so many things that are given to us, but only you can choose your music, the one that will make you dance happily every day of your existence.

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