Hi gemini!
21/05 – 20/06

Your horoscope for today,
October 16

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Forbidden messages

We all think of something different when we think about things that are forbidden. It has a lot to do with our history and what we have experienced, where we grew up, and who educated us. But there is a point that we will all agree on, what should be forbidden for you, are the things that hurt you, that damage you, that hurt your health, your well-being, and your happiness. Let's find out together.

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This is a time of well-being, the stars are in favor of and benefit the happy growth of your emotional life. But you must send out good signals, and not the forbidden kind. The people who should never be in a healthy relationship, are the ones who devalue others, who belittle them. That take away from the importance of what they do, what they want, or what they feel. Those who work against their freedom of being who they want to be, dressing as they like, having friends that they chose and living life in their own way. They have room for agreements, dialogue, expressing what they feel, and how they want things to be. But never in what is forbidden, let alone the threats. If there are any of these forbidden messages that are present in your life, make sure they disappear. Get away them and you will be happy!

Money and fortune

It is a good time for progress, you must keep up your effort and the results will be there very soon. They will be positive and will tell you how to proceed. Beware of someone near you who is not happy about your success. Keep an eye on who you choose as your partner. Not all the relationships that are in your life are healthy. You must be more attentive and set aside naivety. Innocence and business do not get along. Think about whether you are alert enough, if you have delegated functions or tasks that you shouldn't have. Control your movements and be responsible with what you have achieved in life, so that you may continue to grow.


Do not send forbidden messages to your body, you will confuse it. Do not ask it to take a deep breath and feel the clean air, if you smoke. Do not insist that your body must not gasp for air, that it should climb the stairs easily, or that you go on a walk without getting agitated, if you do not exercise regularly. Do not ask it not to have an upset stomach if you stuff it with junk food, do not insist that it must stay in line if you do not include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Be consistent with yourself, send clear and healthy messages to your body and respond as expected. It's a good time to feel good, and in good health, but do not abuse your good luck.

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