Hi gemini!
21/05 – 20/06

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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Imagine that you are watching a game of chess and that absolutely nobody can beat you. I know, someone will always appear who will guess our last movement and when you least expect it, Checkmate, don't worry about it. Life is about enjoying, not controlling. The invitation from the stars today is to let go of control and surrender to the hazards of life. Calming our need for control will make us enjoy every day, a full working day is enough structure to have to live stressed by everything that is not in our hands. Chance favors a prepared mind, so be prepared for something good to come to you. You can fly towards what you longed for and it is now becoming a reality.

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Money and fortune

There are projects that go through and bring a lot of material well-being into your life, the important thing is that you do not leave things to improvisation. It is important that you plan and use chance in your favor. Avoid acting with immaturity, it is necessary to bring order, and good things will come, open yourself to receive the gifts from the cosmos. You are very well set in matters of money and have a very good nose for making decisions, study the terrain so that you will move your investments and obtain the fruit of your actions.

Your inner self

Not even your worst enemy can hurt you as much as your own thoughts, do not let yourself be controlled by your impulsive ideas. Life is now, you can not judge yourself constantly. As long as you have the ability to be centered and have patience, you can control your impulses and see more clearly how to enhance your well-being. You will feel a renewal in your life. There will be a spiritual transformation and with it, you will surround yourself with new people, you will exchange a toxic environment for one that will create greater stability and security. The phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, that is how everyone will see you.

Family and friendships

Friends are the family that we choose, it is possible that you might meet people who are coming into your life and suddenly become best friends, accept it as a gift from life. You will have unexpected news from someone who left your thoughts a long time ago.

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