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23/07 – 22/08

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February 19

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The earth and the body

Many people associate the earth with dirt, dust, lack of cleanliness, but it is time to imagine it from another perspective. For the human species, and for life itself, the earth is a vital element. It is the material that sustains us, where we build our homes, where we grow the foods that nourish us. It is formed in part by mineral, part biological specimens, part air and water: thanks to all of them, humus is produced, the material that creates and recreates fertility. Millions of organisms coexist in only a handful of fresh, wet earth. Today is a great day to put our body in contact with the soil. See the value of life in our hands and think about how to achieve a harmonious existence with all the organisms that live next alongside us.

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Your inner self

Time to sow. You may have a garden, a balcony, or just a small pot. All space is good for this practice. Learn about plants, their cycles, flowers, fruits and seeds. In them lies a latent future, each one encloses in itself the treasure of a species, and can start a new plant that in turn will produce many new seeds. It is the cycle of life expressing itself to you, connect to it! When choosing what to plant, feel what your body asks for. There is a great variety of medicinal, aromatic, and edible plants that you can grow anywhere. When make an infusion, a meal, or a tincture with a plant grown by your own hands, you will find yourself being grateful for what that plant has given to you with its existence.


The changes that have occurred, with a dizzying speed, in the last two hundred years have led a large part of humanity to inhabit large settlements and modern cities. But this is relatively new, if we are able to look at time from a greater perspective. Our existence as a species has been, throughout history, an existence linked deeply to the earth. Our vibration and its vibration are connected, because we have evolved in it. For greater harmony in your self, try to incorporate moments of intimacy with nature in your life. Find a nearby uninhabited place, where you can take a short break. Take a nap under a tree, watch and listen to the birds that inhabit it, let your bare feet come into contact with the earth. These little rituals will be a source of energy and release from the stress of urban life.

Money and fortune

Do you wonder how putting your hands in the earth can influence your economic situation? Well, life always has a surprise waiting for you. We do not yet have a tree that we can grow and collect coins or bills from. But if we can plant a tree, watch the seed's patience in germinating and its slow, calm, sure growth down its path. Its leaves will appear one by one, its stem will begin to become woody, and by the time we have forgotten it it will have become a sturdy tree. Learn from the tree, from its patience, from its calm passing through each stage it goes through. Avoid anxiety, wanting to reach your goals too soon. Make your own way, and enjoy it, because those steps are what really have worth. Grow like the tree and avoid the abrupt growth of beans or corn, which rise up to the sky and collapse in the first storm.

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