Hi leo!
23/07 – 22/08

Your horoscope for today,
July 03

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Every day brings a new opportunity

If you can not find your balance, start listening to what surrounds you. Your body, your mind, and your heart are your daily compass. Your longings may be taking you in directions contrary to your emotions and thoughts. That is why you should contemplate them and give priority to your intuition, so that you will feel inner peace. Without forcing or making decisions that are uncomfortable, you will overcome this moment where you seem to be in a cloud that covers your path forward.

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If you feel that you are repeating certain behavioral patterns, feelings, or thoughts that do not make you feel that love is in full flight, it is time to take the reins of this situation. Begin to climb above yourself. What you need is to talk to whoever is beside your heart, face that challenge. If you want court the person you like, do not wait any longer, jump into the void because nothing bad can happen. This doubt that is created in your body, that person who remains in your thoughts, can reveal in a matter of seconds a new possibility. Words that can reach the depths of yourself and the ones that you both need in order to heal.


There is something that seems to bother you, that should not be in there. If you feel that you are overdoing it in your meals, that you can not balance the time in your day with exercise and a connection with your mental health, it is time to consider taking a pause. A change of eating habits, physical routine, and even, why not consider alternative therapies to harmonize your energies. Sometimes your meals or simply an unbalanced routine make us fall into wells and moments of low or scarce energy. It is important to detect this type of behavior in time, since being able to focus and reconnect with ourselves is a task that requires patience, time, and dedication.

Your inner self

It is the opportunity you were waiting for. It is the moment and the necessary push that will allow you to jump into a new sensory stratum. The ability to overcome problems will allow you to let go of negative thoughts and you can incorporate an injection of revitalizing energy into your routine that will lift you up and keep you afloat. This is how you will get a superior perspective and an advantage from the moment you feel that you are learning. That you are letting yourself loose and that you are becoming a wiser person. A more tolerant person or simply one that can offer a fair word (forgiveness, a thank you, or just an I love you).

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