Hi libra!
23/09 – 22/10

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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Be a bridge

Discovering that we can become a mode of connection between the people around us is a wonderful mission. There is a power in you, capable of connecting individuals and creating networks. It is not very common and more than once you have been the bridge that has allowed two people to meet and become a couple, or brought two of your friends who were strangers to meet each other and they ended up working together. These are things that happen in the heat of the moment, because the openings you offer the world are a breeding ground for relationships to happen around you and you are a nodal point for making a better world.

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Personal development

All the good that you have given the world, the cosmos will give it back to you. You are a clear example. You have acted in a noble way and because of your kindness so much magic happens around you. That is why you have the gift of being a bridge. A bridge of friendships, loves, knowledge. A source of connections. The stars remind you that you should not forget about yourself, because sometimes we give a lot to others, but it is also time to receive and to know how to receive. Enjoy the good you give and may your enjoyment be more vivid. Try to take time and do not neglect your personal spaces.


There are some discomforts in your head, but you'll be able to assuage them with a well-deserved rest. Sleeping the necessary 8 hours and getting away from devices and screens for a while, will make that the daily voracious hyper-connectivity keep from exhausting us and saturating us completely. We are sensitive people who can sometimes feel physical discomfort due to the high demand for attention required by the digital world.

Money and fortune

Your high volume of bonding activities have undone the ties from your past. That is why new opportunities are opening up. If you are about to start out, it is a good time to make some personal introduction letters, go to events and activities where you can open yourself up to meeting more people. Take advantage of your communicative and pacifying gifts. Take advantage of them for a prosperous economic future.

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