Hi libra!
23/09 – 22/10

Your horoscope for today,
October 16

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Create your own luck

We think of luck as something external, something that just happens, something given. As a superior entity that works when it wants to, who helps some and not others. You should know that you can actually create your own luck. Luck has to do with how you solve your problems, your insecurities, how you strengthen yourself in the face of an inconvenience. Luck has to do with how you focus on happy moments, and you enhance them, you value them, you retain them. It also has to do with how you rate sadness and melancholy, losses. The stars invite you to take responsibility for your own luck. In other words, that you appropriate your destiny and paint it the color you want.

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Personal growth

When we talk about luck, we think about the existence of favorable or unfavorable events, which happen randomly or by chance. They are usually caused by things that we do not know and that are always out of our control. Sounds a little mystical, right? And strictly speaking, it is true that there are situations at an existential level that can only be explained by luck, destiny, faith, God, karma, spirituality, etc. There are life and death situations in which someone's life changes radically and there is no possible explanation from physics, biology, or psychology. There are coincidences, in which some people seem to be lucky and others do not. However, at the level of everyday life, of daily experiences, everything happens differently. Have you noticed that people who have good luck are the ones who smile every day? Those who are positive, cheerful, those who have a good mood and face everything with a smile. The ones that are sure of themselves. People with bad luck, on the other hand, tend to be negative, depressive, always angry or irritated by something. They are distrustful and ruthless with others, but not with themselves. Then, bad or good luck often depends more on the way of being than on something external.


Stop thinking that you are unlucky in relationship issues. It is likely that you are putting so much pressure on the sentimental aspect, that you are filling your romantic expectations with demands and anxiety. You have to relax. Be happy with your life, start new activities that excite and entertain you. Luck will come on its own, without looking for it with so many demands.

Your inner self

There are some elements that give good luck, which you have to remember in order to be happier. Some of them are: effort, perseverance, creativity, flexibility, mental openness, attitude (the more relaxed, the better), creativity, hope (trust the Universe and its signs), confidence in yourself, intuition, and searching for solutions instead of problems.

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