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23/09 – 22/10

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July 03

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Avoid perfectionism

Perfectionism has nothing to do with getting it right, or doing things right, or fixing things. Neither does it have anything to do with the criteria, nor with a way of life to aspire to. It has nothing to do with an ideal we have to reach, nor with the right way to live life.

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If you are looking for perfection in the person you are with, that may translate to seeing them as a mirror of what you do not like about yourself. Maybe you criticize your partner because you are really criticizing yourself. But you also have such an idealized conception of what a couple should be, what romantic love should be, what the steps you must follow are, that you are taking originality away from the relationship and at the same time adding a weight that is difficult to bear . Avoid comparing your partner with other friends, this will only ruin your spontaneity.

Money and fortune

It is possible that you do not feel comfortable at work. Sometimes the pay does not seem enough, the tasks do not seem interesting enough, we think that there is no chance of advancing in rank, or simply the tasks we perform do not fascinate us. Find out if it is possible to make a change there or if it is better to start a new job search. Before doing this, honestly ask yourself what you would like to do, if it would motivate you to work alone or with other people, if you prefer a freelance task or you feel more calm having a boss to tell you how to do your work. Think long term. Imagine what you will be doing in five years, or maybe ten.

Your inner self

Perfectionism is actually the refusal to let yourself move forward. It is a labyrinth that you can not get out of, an obsessive system that weakens you, that absorbs you, that crushes you. Perfectionism causes you to get stuck in details when you are writing or drawing, and you lose sight of the integrity of the whole. Instead of creating freely and allowing mistakes to reveal themselves later, we often go crazy trying to control every last detail. This is how we correct our originality, whatever we have that is authentic, that makes the results superficial and false. The results do not look like us, they look more like our idea of ​​what it should be. The funny thing about it is that perfection can never be achieved. But in addition, it is not desirable either. So what is the meaning of chasing it? Uniform things, manufactured things, what already exists, copies, they lack passion and spontaneity. Miles Davis said: "Do not be afraid of mistakes, they do not exist."

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