Hi pisces!
19/02 – 20/03

Your horoscope for today,
February 19

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It is time for friendships, for talks, for shared secrets, for confidences. Those shared moments, sometimes very brief, with a person that makes you feel that you can trust them. Sometimes they are not very frequent and we are missing them for a long time, but how great are they when they arrive! For a while we feel that we are not as alone, that something human moves us to share it. These are fleeting moments that we must treasure as miracles, even when the story is sad, the sadness diminishes in the shared moment of our soulful communion. And if it is happy, this shared joy multiplies. It's time for confidences!

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It is a good time to look for the complicity of an intimate shared moment with your partner. The secret of two, the joint project, the outlined dream. Knowing that two become one in a confidence that creates an intense complicity. It is a good time to look for the other person, trust in them and bet on what you shared. Do not put distance between you, break the ice and look for closeness. If that person has not yet appeared in your life, be alert; the moment is near, the stars are in awe, they have Cupid's vocation and they want to work on this. You must allow hope in and be available for meeting someone, your faith will make it happen. You simply must not lose faith that you will not be alone if you do not want to be. An open heart and ready smile, there is no better way to face the world!


It is a good time to listen to others, to be there for them, whether it is a friend or a lover. You never know. Loneliness is not healthy, do not hesitate to approach them. Isolation makes us sad and sick, it's not good for our cardiovascular health. Open your heart, make it your confidant. Look for company and make plans together. It is a very good time for meeting someone. Everything will flow and you will feel better sharing time and a project. Jupiter accompanies these initiatives during this time. Go for a walk, share a meal made with love, and spend time with another person with whom we can talk about our dreams and hopes. The kind confidence and empathy between the both of you will surely calm any possible anguish. It is not easy, but you must take the first step, do not expect them to come looking for you, go out into the world and show yourself. Take care of your body and your general well-being. Do not be alone

Your inner self

Learning to place trust in another person is a sign of maturity, provided that we do so consciously, responsibly, selectively, and not by impulse. Impulses often lead to situations of suffering. And even if they do not end badly, the relief that is achieved through a confession to a person who is unfit to receive it, can lead to our most intimate feelings and emotions being exposed to people outside of us. If you are looking for a person close to you, who allows themselves to be empathetic and loving, and be respectful and discreet with what you tell them, it will be a harmonious experience of growth and confidence. Feeling that you are not alone in the world is essential for everyone, and having confidants is one of the ways to achieve it.

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