Hi sagittarius!
22/11 – 21/12

Your horoscope for today,
July 03

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The Phoenix is ​​a mythical bird in Greek mythology, which is famous because it is consumed by fire every five hundred years but then resurfaces from its own ashes. When it is time for it to die, it made a nest of spices and herbs, laid a single egg, which was being hatched for three days, and on the third day it burned in its own fire. The Phoenix was completely burned and then, when reduced to ashes, the same unique and eternal Phoenix bird resurfaced from the egg. Because of its very particular death, the Phoenix has become a symbol of strength, purification, immortality, and physical and spiritual rebirth. Today the stars invite you to re-imagine yourself as the Phoenix does when it leaves behind some things in order to be reborn and start over.

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Even after a relationship has ended, many people hide their hope of returning with their former partner to experience another stage of the relationship, or rather, that it may be reborn in another form, with another conduct, another dynamic. And the question is, can love be reborn from the ashes? And the answer is yes, love, like everything else, can resurface, since it is one of the many possibilities in the intricate world of human relationships. However, before making that decision, one must understand what love is, because it starts from a realistic knowledge of the other person, without idealizing and accepting both their virtues and their defects. You need to understand that love is not only good, love is accepting the other person in things that we don't like very much, it is respecting their time and their space, their freedom and hobbies. The other person brings their story, their fears, their strengths, in the same way that we bring our own. It is time to accept the other person as they are.


Renewed energies. You feel your inner fire growing, eager to move, to be active. Take advantage of this current that runs through you and start taking dancing or running classes, any activity in which you will be able to move your limbs will be good for you. Move to the rhythm of the music, the wind, and the water. Do some outdoor activities and connect with yourself and with the nature that surrounds you.

Personal development

You are always on time to make a profound change in your life. A transformation that lets you be born again, that sets new goals in your life, goals that are more in line with who you are, to the person in which you are constantly transforming into. True change begins within yourself: in acceptance, in understanding yourself, in knowing your light and your darkness. Once that change begins in you, it will be easier for you to think about your dreams, your projects, and your desires, because you will be able to do it with a renewed strength and vitality, which is based on your confidence in yourself. Today you have a very personal task: look for paper, a pen, and scissors. Search magazines and cut out images that produce beautiful emotions in you, that make you happy, that inspire you to create. Build a collage with all of it and give it a name. Look at your final result. What does it do for you? What emotions emerge? What does it produce within you?

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