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February 19

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Seeing far

Many of us have difficulties seeing from afar, others seeing from up close. Other people have perfect vision, but even so, they miss their path, they confuse the message. A perfect vision does not always mean success. Sometimes it's just a matter of focus, sometimes of perspective. It is better to know where to look, than to have a very clear vision. It is worth it to never give up on your attempts, to focus your sights, to move around in order to contemplate other landscapes. Do not stay with your first vision. How are your sights?

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Almost like a mirror, we fall in love with ourselves, with those things that we like about ourselves and find similar in another person. It is sometimes hard to see others clearly, the way they really are. We tend to eliminate from our field of vision those behaviors, feelings, aspects of the other person that do not fit with us. And also all those aspects that could make our love diminish. In the beginning of a relationship, we see ourselves more than the other person. To avoid that, nothing is better than to take some distance periodically, to see them from afar, evaluate our bond and our feelings. This will avoid having illusions and distortions that can hurt us over time. And in more lengthy relationships, the same trick is worth it. Since we are beings in continuous change, the optimal distance will allow a clearer vision.

Money and fortune

Taking some distance and looking at it in perspective can only be beneficial to you. It is the way to strategically plan how your life will evolve in this aspect, and make the decisions that lead you to achieve it. If your job does not satisfy you, if you are not getting what you want, either financially or as a personal reward, start planning a change. Study the circumstances, observing the whole panorama will lead you to a good port. We can not always achieve our stated objectives immediately. It is a process and as such it takes time. But starting to visualize what you desired is a good start, but most importantly, do not give up on improving your life.


Pay attention to the little symptoms, discomforts, and pains. No matter how insignificant they may seem, or how little they annoy you, they are still a language used by the body to warn you of the need for change. Try to observe, to read these signs, and do not ignore them. The vision that will bring you closer to understanding, once again requires an optimal distance: see it from afar. Your self is a totality, and as such it must be attended to. The body, the mind, the spirit. When we are so close, we lose sight of the whole. If you observe only one illness, you will not understand the interaction with the rest of your organism. Put yourself into perspective, observe the totality, and always consult a health professional if you have any questions.

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