Hi scorpio!
23/10 – 21/11

Your horoscope for today,
July 03

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Falling in love with yourself, is the first thing you must do in order to understand that nothing outside of yourself is responsible for what you feel inside you. But how can you tell me that? The human brain is genetically designed to keep its defense mechanisms activated all the time. Emotions and thoughts are like chocolate, they give the body pleasure, when this occurs, areas in the brain that release dopamine are activated. The second time, when you are going to eat chocolate, as soon as you picture it in your mind, the same regions of your brain are being activated. It is the same way with thoughts. Fears or joys already cause sensations of pain or pleasure within us. Expectations are not recommended at this time. How are we able to do that? Meditation and breathing exercises work to begin calmly controlling our thoughts. Approximately, more than 80% of our thoughts are negative, Wow! So stop obsessing with the bad things. Be kind to yourself, you are not a victim of life and the world is not a bad place, stop living in fear or imprisoned in your emotions. Focus and trust yourself, love begins within you.

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Your inner self

From caterpillar to butterfly, spread your wings. There is a very hopeful renewal of your path. This transformation of being in control of your life happens by controlling your thoughts and refusing to give in to expectations, it is not good to live in the past or create fantasies of things that probably will not happen. Live in this moment being fully aware. It is not easy, but train your brain so that every time that you automatically go to the same thoughts, you repeat this mantra with love: "Mind, this is just a thought, it is not an absolute reality" and breathe, and you will see that little by little your mind will begin to consciously show what you truly want in your life.


Try to find what resonates with you in order to reduce your stress levels. Nobody is rushing you, just connect with yourself and continue making the changes you need, it's a path to freedom and happiness. Whether it is meditation, yoga, stretching, conscious breathing, or Tai Chi, there are many disciplines you can follow, so give yourself the opportunity to practice something new. Stop being just a head, connect with your body and let the energy flow. Take into account that everything you invest in yourself at this time will favor your health.

Family and friendship

This is a good time to take advantage of sharing this new philosophy of life that you are adopting with your friends, you could encourage them to try it and, at the same time, it would serve as an incentive to keep progressing daily towards the transformation you want for yourself. Keep calm and control, in any sudden and destabilizing situation that happens, breathe and do not react, give yourself a few minutes so that you can clear your mind in order to respond correctly.

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