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20/04 – 20/05

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July 03

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Trust in doubt

"In dubio abstine": when in doubt, it is best to abstain, is what the latin phrase says. Have you ever been in a certain situation, where your whole body tells you not to do something, and yet you do it? It is your intuition that speaks to you, that shows you what doubt looks like. This expression in fact can be very useful, since doubt appears when we are not completely sure about a person, a situation, a place, a certain environment. It can save us from uncomfortable, embarrassing, dangerous situations. Many times doubt is the prelude to an alarm signal, a red flag that appears small on the horizon. Pay more attention to the signs! The Stars invite you to trust your intuition.

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The body also speaks to us through symptoms. Diseases often arise as responses to emotional blockages that we have and can not get rid of. As a result, these blockages translate into illnesses or diseases that are not easily cured with medicine, since the problem is not there but in something much deeper. First of all, what you should do is identify where the pain or discomfort is. Is it on your skin? Then it may be due to something related to physical contact with others, with your relationships, with the treatment of your emotions when you are in contact with another person. Does your stomach hurt, everything you eat makes you sick? Then maybe there is some situation that you are not able to "digest". A disagreement, an attachment, a relationship that you can not let go, a job that you can not leave, a friendship that you do not want to maintain but you feel you must continue. Does your back hurt, your waist? There is a weight that you are carrying, that you have taken charge of but that you can not or do not want to continue maintaining. You are forcing yourself to carry a burden that no longer corresponds to you. A situation from the past, problems that you face instead of the people who must do it, an excessive empathy and sensitivity to other people's affairs, regrets that you have and that do not let you move forward, mistakes that make you sick, relationships that turned out badly and a feeling of blame.


Have you ever known someone and there is something you do not like about them? There is a small thing, something that catches your attention. You make excuses. You justify it. You think that we are all different. However, something raises doubts. When this happens, you have to stay true to your intuition. To all those inner sensations that you have inside, that are only yours and that you must learn to identify. In love, not everything is worth it. You have to set limits for your own well-being.

Personal development

Buy yourself a nice notebook. A colorful one. You will use it for your creative ideas that are stored in your mind, activities that you do not dare to do, that have always caused doubt but also a lot of curiosity. Number the pages from 1 to 10. As a title, choose different categories. Some of them may be: health, objects, relationships, places, profession, hobbies, spirituality, meals, learning, love. Write ten wishes you have for each title. It does not matter that they are crazy. Nobody else has to read them, only you. Dream, fly. Discover within your most intimate individuality, within your originality, what distinguishes you from others. Do not think about the practical aspects or the money for this activity. We often limit ourselves because what we want to do causes so many doubts, that we block ourselves before we start.

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