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20/04 – 20/05

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October 16

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We are used to exerting resistance. To argue and fight against the facts and people we do not like, always trying to unilaterally change something in reality. Lao Tzu believed that the natural state of things should include the way in which we behave. By doing so, the correct behavior is the one that imitates the simple and natural flow of things. The Wu Wei proposes this: we must not alter the natural course of things by going out of the path through which, in and of itself, things flow. Therefore, contrary to what happens in Western cultures, the philosophy of Taoism does not highlight the importance of action, but the need to live simply. While from the Western mentality changes are seen as the result of struggles between forces of nature or society, from Taoism it is understood that the processes of change are simple and natural. That is, there is no point in preventing them from happening.

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Pay attention to what is happening in your love life. Maybe you're trying to start a relationship, making the other person not feel comfortable, or even you yourself are not comfortable with how everything is but do not know how to change it. It is time to stop resisting. In this sense: do not resist changes, commitments, advances in relationship issues. But if you're alone, do not resist meeting people. If you lock yourself in, you are not letting life surprise you. Go out, meet people, flow with others, be yourself, but do not refuse to fall in love or enjoy a night with a date you have made online.

Your inner self

The Wu Wei provides a mental state that can serve us in meditating and reaching a state of relaxation, losing sight of the concerns about what we have imagined, what happened, or what will happen. We tend to be inclined to think more about the past or the future. The news is that you can not do anything about those. It will hurt you not to be able to change the actions that already took place, and you will be frustrated by imagining future scenarios that may not happen. This powerful idea suggests that, if we want to live in the present in an authentic way instead of trying to forget or trying not to think about it, we simply have to give up these concerns. The virtue lies in living the present, and letting go of the imaginary preoccupations that afflict us.

Personal development

Write a letter to yourself. This is a good analysis exercise that should be done when you feel that you can not express your emotions verbally. When you notice ambiguous desires, recurring dreams, intense feelings, take a pencil and paper and write a letter. In it, let everything flow, detail your emotions, how it makes you feel to be where you are, how you feel with your body, what people you saw that day and how they made you feel. Write how you felt when you woke up and what your first activity of the day was.

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