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23/08 – 22/09

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February 19

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The moon and the tides

Do you feel that the tides of life become violent, that you are a piece of wood floating adrift, moved by forces that you can not control? It is time to pay attention, breathe deeply, and fill yourself with calm. Energies flow in the universe, and it is time to allow ourselves to dance with them. The ocean tides, the changes in height of enormous masses of water on the earth, are moved by external forces. The moon attracts them and moves them away in a cosmic dance. Much in the same way, the moon is moved by the gravitational forces of the earth, and both celestial bodies are forced to travel through space by the greater forces of the Sun. We are all exposed to forces that move us, pull us closer and and push us further away from our desires. It's a good time to let yourself flow with what life offers you!

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Your inner self

Our body is formed mostly of water: when we are born, 75% of our body is made up of this liquid element. Before being born, we fully develop submerged in our mother's amniotic fluid, in a state of well-being and progressive gestation. When the tempestuous waves from the outside break forcefully and prevent you from breathing properly, remain calm and look inside yourself, feel your connection with the water. If you send signals to your nervous system that everything is in order, your body will know how to administer the oxygen so you can solve whatever is affecting you. Remember that if we relax our body and muscles, we can float and wait calmly for the storm to subside.


The movement of the water can leave you without energy if you fight against it. Swimming against the current is exhausting, and we get anguished when we do not get where we want to be. On the other hand, if you accept the forces of nature, they may lead you to new and unsuspected places. The mind, body, and soul also have their own dance, like the moon, earth, and sun. If you manage to surrender yourself to these movements, you will quickly begin to feel the benefits in your body.

Personal development

Earth, moon, and sun align twice for each lunar cycle around planet earth. When it is a full moon or a new moon is when this phenomenon occurs, which enhances the gravitational force of the sun in conjunction with those of the moon, creating "living tides" in the ocean. The waters move over and over with an increasingly greater force, advancing, and retreating from the shores back to the sea with great speed. Your body and your whole being also have favorable and unfavorable moments for moving. Observe yourself, learn from yourself, you are your best teacher. Feel which energies are the ones that make you well, listen to your body and your mind. One step forward with the wind in favor is worth more than five steps against the wind. And remember that all energies are cyclical, everything will come in its own time!

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