Hi virgo!
23/08 – 22/09

Your horoscope for today,
July 03

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Live today

There is a Latin phrase that says "Memento mori", which we can translate as "remember that you will die", "remember that you are mortal". The origin of this phrase is found in Ancient Rome. When a victorious general, after defeating an enemy's army, made his triumphal entry into Rome, listening to the applause of the public, a slave was responsible for whispering this phrase over and over again to remind him that human being have their limitations, including, the end of their life. That is why "memento mori" reminds you that you must live today to the fullest, enjoy each moment, make each day an unforgettable experience.

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We all live loving experiences that hurt, either because they do not work, because they disappoint, or because they simply are not meant to be. To think that the last person we are with must be the love of our lives is a mistake. If you experience different loves, you will see that at the same time you are knowing yourself, like a mirror. But do not close yourself off from love, to experiencing new love adventures. The stars tell you that when one door closes, another opens for you. You just have to be predisposed to live!

Your inner self

Remembering that we can die at any time makes us live every moment with greater intensity, with more dedication, makes us value important things and discard trivial thoughts. It makes us launch into an adventure when the opportunity presents itself, which will give us many rewards in our everyday life. You can count on an object that reminds you of this phrase: a paper ornament, or some decorative object that refers to death and that serves as inspiration to remember two things: that you are a human being, and that life is a gift that you have to take advantage of. So put on some shoes, a coat, and go out and live it!

Personal development

Today you will have an interesting task. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Think what an ideal day would be like. Let your imagination fly. Imagine that there are no restrictions, no impossible dreams. Plan a perfect day in your life the way you want it to play out. Let yourself go. Imagine the scene: what is your environment? Is there someone there with you? Or are you alone? Are you in your country of residence? Or traveling, traversing new streets? Are you in a house? What's in that house? How is it decorated? What colors predominate? Is there light or is it at night? How does light come in? What aromas do you smell? Do they evoke a memory? Are you drinking or eating something? What are you wearing? What's the weather like? Is there music or silence? What sounds do you perceive? Choose an aspect of your ideal day. Maybe you are not in Paris, but you can buy a pain au chocolat and find yourself for a moment in Montmartre. You may not be in a museum of modern New York art, but you can buy some glitter spray paint and paint some old furniture in your home. Use your imagination and let it break free!

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