21/03 – 19/04


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The eclipses

The Moon hides or the Sun hides, that is what eclipses are. The famous "shadow cone" that the Earth projects hiding the Moon, that we know is there, and has suddenly been hidden. Or even more striking: the solar eclipse, when the Moon interposes itself between the Sun and the Earth, and we stop seeing the Sun that is so bright, even though we know it is there, and we perceive some light without seeing it completely. That is how it often happens to us. We know something that is happening even though it does not appear to be doing that. We cheat, we prefer not to see it. And we act like the Earth, interposing ourselves and hiding. Sometimes we try to cover the Sun. If we look inwards we will discover what it is that we are trying not to know, in this precise moment of our lives. What is it that makes us uneasy and makes us hide?

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